Flat web design

flat web design For quite some time it was popular to add 3D effects to more or less all design elements in web design. Back in 2010 we collected a list of great looking websites making heavy use of 3D effects, textured surfaces, light effects and gradients.  Characteristics of the this trend was 3D bevelled buttons, Shadows on design edges etc.

Posted on 2013 Jun 06 by dlstudio

Responsive email design

What is responsive email?
Responsive design is a set of techniques in web design and development used to adapt a website to be readable on any screen and/or platform on which it's displayed. These techniques are being repurposed for emails. A responsive layout uses a piece of CSS3 code called a media query to detect the pixel size of the screen on which that email is opened. Based on the screen size detected, multiple stylesheets may be triggered to alter the layout and best respond to a particular screen size. Efficiently implemented, a responsive message allows a single set of content of be presented in the most usable format for the screen upon which the message is viewed. In email, we generalize this to include two states: large screens (desktop) and small screens (mobile).

Posted on 2013 Apr 17 by dlstudio

Here's Why Ruby On Rails Is Hot

Many companies have asked the questions “What’s the fastest way to develop my web apps?” and “Should I use Java, Ruby, Python or something else?”

These companies range from start-ups to established enterprises, and many have come to the conclusion that when creating apps that are designed to be delivered on the web, Ruby on Rails is the best choice.

Posted on 2012 Dec 22 by dlstudio

Mobile Websites vs Responsive Design: What's the right solution for your business?

As more of your competitors go mobile, building a mobile-friendly site becomes more of a priority for your business. Over the past two years alone, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold. Customers are searching for your business from their mobile phones, and you need to engage them with a mobile experience designed for completing on-the-go tasks from their small screens. Recently many businesses have been asking us about an emerging trend among web developers-responsive design-and if they should use it. While we believe that building a separate mobile website is an appropriate solution for certain businesses, it’s also important to understand how responsive design might fit into your plans.

Posted on 2012 Dec 21 by dlstudio

Facebook application development helps to grow your business

Facebook is a social network, not a shopping network, so why should any business spend resources establishing and maintaining a Fan Page on Facebook? (A Fan Page, by the way, is a profile for a business or organization rather than for an individual.)

Because even if members have no intention of buying anything on Facebook, the relationships you establish and community you build there can benefit your business in countless ways.

Here, I reveal the top 10 ways a Facebook Fan Page can help your business

Posted on 2012 Jan 15 by dlstudio

Email Marketing- MailChimp

MailChimp is a fun email marketing service designed with simplicity and ease in mind. The interface is bright and welcoming with a smiling cartoon chimp as their mascot. This is not your stuffy old bosses email marketing service. This service was designed for people.

There are three primary areas to consider when deciding your email provider:

Posted on 2011 Jun 04 by dlstudio

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